A World Leader And International Superpower

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As a world leader and international superpower who asserts the need for global relations rooted upon human rights and democracy, the United States of America has yet to confront the quandary of how to come to grips with its own past and its most heinous historical injustice, the American slave trade. Due to the United States government essentially sanctioning slavery, I strongly believe that reparations for each and every African-American in the form of monies, land, and/or resources would be the first step in the healing process of this unprecedented time in American history, but also would serve as a firm reminder to any would be “oppressor” that there will be serious consequences for that type of behavior because all life, not just African, is equally valued and respected. Extending across the span of more than three hundred and fifty years, the forceful transportation in bondage of a minimum of thirteen million men, women, and children from their African origins to the untamed Americas’ forever changed the face and character of the modernized world. The American slave trade was savage and barbarous, and the enslavement of Africans was inhumane, ruthless, exploitative, and merciless. Collectively, they embody one of the longest and most sustained onslaughts on the very life, honor, and respectability of human beings in world history. The legacy of slavery in America is further blemished due to the continued marginalization of African Americans within the firmly rooted,
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