A World Lit Only By Fire : The Medieval Mind And The Renaissance : Portrait Of An Age

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In William Manchester’s “ A World Lit Only by Fire: The Medieval Mind and the Renaissance: Portrait of an Age” He demonstrates the change in the "Dark Ages" from the dependence on religion to independent thinking. Ancient concepts were questioned and proven wrong after thousands of years, and the power of the what finally surpassed the authority of the Pope. Manchester expresses the transition within Europe from the Medieval Times to the Renaissance that included multiple changes in the intellectual, religious, and political aspects of life. As Europe left the Medieval Era and entered the Renaissance, its political system changed in major ways. All political power was essentially ruined by the Huns and the beginnings of Western Countries being divided into countries started. “Europe was ruled by a new aristocracy: the noble” (Manchester 41). Men would acquire a following and then make a claim to land, the greater the following the more land was earned. These land claims were bound together to unify the Modern countries of Western Countries, the same boundaries today are common, such as England, France, and Spain. Most of these men thanked the divine power and were extremely loyal to the church. “By A.D. 1500 most of these sovereign dynasties were in place” (Manchester 55). One leader ruled over all of these countries known as a monarchy. Monarchs would have complete control over the lives of the people and in turn their people would service them first and their
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