A World Lit Only by Fire Outline Essay

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A World Lit Only by Fire by William Manchester Outline The Medieval Mind I. The Dark Ages A. The Years A.D. 400 to A.D. 1000 1. Referred to as the Dark Ages because knowledge and literacy vanished during this era. 2. Rulers during this age were illiterate and most found it trivial. a. Emperor Sigismund said, “Ego sum rex Romanus et super grammatica”—as king of Rome, he was above grammar. B. Rome’s Fall in the Fifth Century 1. The Hsiung-nu (Huns) ravaged though Europe after defeat in China. a. Went from China to Russia, Russia to Ukraine, Ukraine to Romania, and from Romania continued east through Europe. i. Survivors crossed the Danube River. ii. Emperor Valens ordered that the refugees be…show more content…
i. Ruined temples, stole property, and persecuted martyrs. 3. Christianity was influenced by paganism (which was, of course, denied). a. Of the seven cardinal virtues that were named by Pope Gregory I, only three had Christian roots. i. The three were faith, hope, and charity. b. The other four virtues were derived from Plato and Pythagoras, both of whom were pagans. i. These were wisdom, justice, courage, and temperance. 4. Pagan and Christian philosophers showed contradictions in knowledge. a. Pagan philosophers studied the Bible and found that it contrad- icted each other. b. They also found that Genesis implies multiple gods. i. Saint Bernard of Clairvaux said that gathering knowledge was pagan and unholy, unless it was “sanctified by a holy mission.” c. Christians were often blamed for the fall of Rome. C. Aurelius Augustinus (Saint Augustine)-Bishop of Hippo, Catholic prelate 1. Wrote De civitate Dei (The City of God) a. Wrote that Rome was being punished not for the new Christian religion, but for the old religion. i. Punished because of “lascivious acts” and “corruption among politicians”. 2. Believed that the original sins were temptation and lust. a. Rooted from Adam and Eve. b. Wrote that people became corrupted in conception. i. Sexual intercourse was a “mass of perdition (exitium).” c. The Virgin Mary could save some of those who were corrupt.

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