A World Not So Glamorous:Gender Inequality In The Film

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A World Not So Glamorous:Gender Inequality In The Film Industry Introduction The glamor of the film industry has been a large part of society for the past several decades. The film industry can set trends and influence people of all ages; creating new ideas, standards, and expectations. The influence of these new ideas could lead to a change in society, but the film industry has its issues just like the rest of the world that cause it to lag behind and one of these issues is gender inequality. Gender inequality has been an issue for quite some time and the film industry has its fair share of it. The Oscars, for example, has been around for nearly 88 years now, and it is supposed to award the most deserving of film directors, but in the…show more content…
As pointed out in the article, family is seen as an issue because flexibility and reliability are needed in film industry positions, and females do not fill these requirements because of the gender expectation that they will be the main caregivers of children and therefore they will focus on their children over their jobs. As stated by one of the interviewees who has experience in hiring people, in the film industry, “I think female workers with children are potentially less reliable – that’s the reality. I think most employers…are more likely to employ the male because you’ve cut a high risk factor out” (31). Males, therefore have an easier time landing a job and gain more positions because they are not viewed as being caregivers of children, while females, on the other hand, have a far harder time because they have to deal with these gender expectations. This then leads to the authors’ conclusion that females are at a disadvantage because they face a choice between career and family, and either choice is difficult because either a female loses her career or she loses her family life. Literature Review #2 This second article, titled, Unmanageable Inequalities: Sexism in the Film
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