A World Of Big Business, Public Relations

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In a world of big business, public relations (PR) is a key area that businesses should always incorporate as part of its business strategy. It can build the credibility of the company and can be utilize as a marketing device. Most companies will hire a PR spokesperson to address the public in either a press conference or other public forums. It is the specialized upkeep of a positive public appearance by a company, organization or famed person. The perception of the public towards any of these entities can weigh heavy on the decisions they will make, whether they will support, purchase or reject that entity. These type of decisions can ultimately affect the reputation, profitability and long-term success of the company. In this scenario,…show more content…
The pilot could have lost consciousness during mid-flight or during take-off which would have caused for an emergency landing, leaving passengers frantic and concerned about their safety, connecting flight and delays in arrival time. The challenges of this situations is the 24 hour requirement to report the incident to the FAA that will inevitably become public information. Although the co-pilot handled the situation excellently, it could still cause for a number of speculation from the public about the quality and health of the staff, the safety of flying on this particular airline and potentially create a bad imagine which will deter passengers from booking future flight with the airline. How does one comply with requirements and protect the company’s reputation at the same time, avoid potential negative fallout and maintain integrity. There are a few ways to approach this situation.
Approach 1
The first approach could be, a fast Press release providing facts with minimal details. It would address the situation of the aircraft pilot being taken to the hospital, noting that it had no bearing on the safe landing of the aircraft. This approach has its pros and cons, for instance getting word out to the public quickly could avoid potential damaging reporting with false claims or unverified information. It will appear as though the airline is being transparent about the incident and show a proactive approach allowing the airline to get ahead
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