A World Of Complete Surveillance

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Do we want to live in a world of complete surveillance? Well we don 't have a choice it seems. In a world of cameras monitoring our every move in the streets and in every establishment, we are on camera 99% of the time once we leave the house. With all our privacy being stripped away in the name of €OUR€ safety, it seems that things will just continue to get worse. I 'm sure we all are aware of drones and their capabilities, but do we realize what this means for a society we live in? We would think that 99% of the population is against this kind of move forward in our surveillance society. Here are some stats on the current drone status in America. We like to think of the drone war as something far away, fought in the deserts of the middle east or the mountains of Afghanistan. But we now know it is closer than we thought. There are 64 drone bases on American soil. That includes 12 locations housing Predator and Reaper unmanned aerial vehicles, which can be armed. Public Intelligence, a non-profit that advocates for free access to information, released a map of military UAV activities in the United States on Tuesday. Assembled from military sources €" especially this little-known June 2011 Air Force presentation (.pdf) - it is arguably the most comprehensive map so far of the spread of the Pentagon 's unmanned fleet. What exact missions are performed at those locations, however, is not clear. Some bases might be used as remote cockpits to control the robotic aircraft
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