A World Without Communication : The Evolution Of Communication

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Imagine a world without communication! The world might have a lot of sound, but it would only be individual sounds such as grunts, groans, barks, and tweets. Each individual’s sound would not make sense to any other creature or living organism. There would not be cave paintings, verbal and written language, computers, or the Internet. The world would not exist as we see it today. Man first appeared on Earth millions of years ago with crude and simplistic communication. “Initial studies of genes and fossils showed that Homo sapiens evolved in Africa 200,000 years ago” (Marchant). Nevertheless, a second theory has now emerged. Based on the discovery and analysis of two fossils, scientists now speculate that humans’ ancestry may initially have emerged in Europe 200,000 years earlier (Pruitt). Communication has allowed humans to learn new things, to live through environmental change and be able to socially connect. The meaning of communication is social interaction, where symbols and signals elicit reaction and response (Scott-Phillips). It was man, Homo sapiens, who advanced communication with language. Most living things can communicate, but man somehow developed a higher level of cognitive thought processes to create not only a spoken language but also a written language. Man is able to inform, create, think, show emotive expression, entertain, invent, reason and more. Communication through verbal and written language has evolved and changed human advancement in the ranking

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