A World Without Internet?

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A world without internet? One day, many years ago, a brilliant man by the name of Tim Berners-Lee created an extraordinary thing, something that was to revolutionize the entire human race and its existence. It was an idea so great that it would have been seen as insanity not many years before its own creation. We call it “The World Wide Web.” A gigantic spider web of servers spread out all over the world, hosting websites with information that would else only be found in the form of books. It works like a database, storing everything that was ever written, prescribed or transmitted. This information is to be found by anyone who has access to a computer, by pulling up a browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox, and applying a keyword in the search bar. The browser will then bounce your word around the millions of servers spread across the globe, until every bit of information ever connected to that word is found and displayed on the computer screen--acquiring of knowledge has never been easier. Twenty-five years have passed since its creation, and currently some huge questions have begun circulating around the world. Are the generations of today using the Internet an abnormal amount, thus leading to impairments cognitively? Or is it actually more beneficial than it is harmful? In some way, the older generations have an easier time developing a strategy towards not using the Internet anomalously, what might this strategy be? This essay will discuss these topics through a
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