A World without Nukes

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The state-sponsored Korean Central News Agency reported the discovery of an ancient unicorn lair (Mosbergen). North Korean officials claim that the finding proves that Pyongyang was the capital of ancient Korea. The so-called “Democratic Republic” seems to be stopping at nothing to gain supremacy over the rest of the world. They’ve gone farther than reporting bizarre findings – Kim Jong Un has also vitalized one of the most aggressive nuclear programs in the world in their quest for global supremacy. While they don’t yet have the technology to pull it off, similar ideas have been sweeping around the world creating a global phenomenon: nuclear proliferation, which is essentially the spread of nuclear technology around the world. Nuclear technology isn’t the devil—it has potential as an energy source. However, utilizing it to make weapons has detrimental effects on the world. But in order to properly understand the negative effects of nuclear proliferation, it is imperative to first understand the historic context of the situation.
Today, the manufacturing of nuclear weapons plays an integral part in diplomacy. The part it plays is deeply rooted in history, going as far back as the mid 20th century. In July of 1945, the US tested "Gadget," a 20-kiloton nuclear bomb. This project, known as the Manhattan Project, was led by J. Robert Oppenheimer, who quoted the Hindu…

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