A Worldwide Problem Of Global Warming

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Electric Cars There is a worldwide problem of Global Warming. It is increasing day after day, harming our planet’s atmosphere by reducing the strength of the ozone layer. Global warming is putting all basic human needs in jeopardy. There are various reasons behind global warming. One of the major reasons is fuel engine cars and trucks we use in our everyday lives. Fuel engine cars leave a trail of unhealthy monoxide gas as the result of combustion in the engine. Carbon Monoxide is one of many gases which is harmful to the ozone layer. Global warming is already causing high temperatures, rising sea levels, floods, and droughts. To help reduce the effects of the fuel engine cars on our environment we should start using electric cars. Electric cars run on rechargeable batteries which do not leave a trail of carbon monoxide. Electric cars are fuel-efficient vehicles which use less gas to travel the same distance as their less efficient counterparts. When we burn less fuel, we generate fewer emissions. When emissions go down, the pace of global warming slows. Cleaner fuels produce fewer emissions when they are burned. Some fuels such as those made from biofuels can reduce emissions by 80 percent compared to gasoline, and cleaner extraction techniques can ensure that dirty fuel like oil doesn’t get dirtier. Electric cars will also help many countries stop fighting over fuel and also give countries independence. Electric cars should be globalized so that it helps create a
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