A Worn Path By Eudora Welty

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The symbols of the story is most commonly about racism because the path

represents the slavery path when black folks escaped from their owners

and most of all their hiding place so they wont find them . Also the woods

represents they same symbols as the path because they ran through there

in order to lose their own owners. In this story of “A Worn Path” is about a

grown up woman who goes into town to get her grandson some

medication. Phoenix risks her life by walking in the empty woods through

path she already knows very well but that path is a symbol having to do

with slavery because back in the days slaves escaped through the woods

and would get away from the white people who had these colored folks
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Phoenix is a symbol of a bird which lived so many years back in the

days but it also symbolizes the grandson in the story because when a

Phoenix dies the ashes are the rebirth of a new bird and that is what the

grandson is in this story. She also represents hope, fear and immortality in

a way because she wasn’t scared of nothing when she was walking alone

into town and also she had hope on making her way back home alive and

also immortality because a Phoenix bird dies but rebirths again with the

ashes. The White Hunter represents a symbol of racism because when

Phoenix was in the ditch while the angry dog was barking at her the white

hunter helped her in a way but also told her straight up that she needs to

head back home because this places wasn’t for her to be walking alone.

But what Phoenix wanted for the white hunter to understand that she

needed to get a medication her grandson needed because he was ill back

at home so she needed to get to town to get what she needed and head

back the same way she came from. The grandson represents a symbol of a

rebirth in the story its most likely similar to Phoenix Jackson. He is a strong

boy who is struggling in illness while

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