A Worn Path By Eudora Welty Essay

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“A Worn Path” by Eudora Welty is the story of an elderly African-American woman named Phoenix Jackson. It takes place in Natchez, Mississippi, in December 1940. The story is about Phoenix’s difficult quest to get medication for her sick grandson. On her journey, she endures various hardships such as walking to the city on a cold December morning and being humiliated while on her journey. On this difficult journey, Phoenix encounters both impolite people and others who are willing to lend a hand. The main objective of the story is to take care of and respect the elderly and to bring attention to racism. Reading “A Worn Path” was a positive experience for me because Phoenix’s story was one of strength, determination, and compassion.
Many wonderful events occur in the story, however, three events that are important are Phoenix’s interactions with two extremely important people, Phoenix’s character, and the amount of detail the author provides in the story. Phoenix finally arrives in the city after an exhausting journey, where she realizes her shoe is untied. She stops a lady who is carrying a significant amount of Christmas presents, and asks the lady to tie her shoe. Without question, the lady politely sits her Christmas Presents down on the sidewalk and ties both of Phoenix’s shoes tightly. The second person who does a nice gesture for Phoenix is an attendant, who gives Phoenix a nickel. With this nickel Phoenix will be able to buy her grandson a Christmas present,

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