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Lesson 4 A Worn Path – Eudora Welty Question 1a “A Worn Path” by Eudora Welty recounts the long journey of an elderly woman, Phoenix Jackson. As Phoenix plods along, the reader has no idea of the reason for her trip. However, it can be gathered by Phoenix’s attitude and remarks that this trip is a very important one. She seems very determined to reach her goal. She tells the animals to keep “‘out of [her] way’” (438). She continues to walk uphill, through thorny bushes, across log bridges, and under barbed-wire fences. She is “‘bound to go to town’” (440). The people Phoenix encounters do not seem to understand the importance of Pheonix’s journey. The hunger declares that it is “‘too far’” (440). He says that when he comes out, he…show more content…
If her grandson was dead, she probably would not consider buying him a gift and thinking about his reaction. For Phoenix to remember him so vividly and to think of surprising him with a gift implies that he still may be alive. In the end, it does not matter whether Phoenix’s grandslon is alive or not. What matters is Phoenix’s willingness to travel the long journey for him. Her journey demonstrates undying love; she will travel this path for him regardless whether he is alive of long gone. Question 1d The character is Phoenix Jackson is revealed primarily through indirect presentation. Eudora Welty paints of vivid picture of Phoenix, describing her appearance and recounting her words and actions. Phoenix Jackson is an elderly African-American woman. She is “very old” (437). Her skin is filled with “numberless branching wrinkles” and her black her is composed of the “frailest of ringlets (437). She is not well-to-do; her apron is made from “bleached sugar sacks” and her is tied by a “red rag” (437). Nevertheless, she is “neat and tidy” (437), though she cannot tie her shoelaces. Phoenix is a good-natured person. She often makes light of her old age, laughingly declaring that she “‘she ought to be shut up for good’” since she is “‘too old’” (438). She joyfully dances with the scarecrow after realizing that it was not a ghost. Phoenix is also very perceptive. She notices the nickel which falls from the hunter’s

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