A Worn Path

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A “A Worn Path “ ENG 125 Introduction to Literature Instructor: Katie Newbanks 4/25/2011 The Worn Path In the short story, “ A Worn Path “ written by Eudora Welty it can be interpreted that Phoenix Jackson is suffering from dementia or some other form of mental illness, and that her grandson that she so lovingly speaks of has been deceased for some time. The analytical approach that was used to enhance this reading was the Reader Response Approach. While reading the story of Phoenix Jackson, a distinct emotional feeling engulfed me that something was not quite right, especially with Phoenix. I connected with her almost immediately and feared for…show more content…
( Clugston, R.W.) Another reason to believe that the grandson is deceased revolves around the statements Phoenix Jackson made. Example: “My little grandson, he sit up there in the house all wrapped up waiting by himself.” Earlier, she had made a statement to the nurse, “ Every little while his throat begins to close up again and he not able to swallow. He not get his breath. He not able to help himself so the time come around and I go on another trip for the soothing medicine.” (Clugston, R.W.) No one would leave a child unattended in this condition. If Phoenix actually left the child at home alone, this is definitely criteria that could be utilized to challenge her mental acumen. The Reader Response Approach to Welty’s “The Worn Path “ assisted in the understanding of Phoenix Jackson’s mentality and the language that was used showed her unusual responses to people and things around her. The analytical approach which was applied to this story played a distinct role in my interpretation process by providing me with the necessary tools that I needed to closely look at the story and the hidden meaning that it possessed. Phoenix also brought back memories of my deceased great-grandmother who suffered from a severe form of dementia. The emotion that I felt from the comparison involved a desire to escape the past association with my great-grandmother’s illness and on the same token it caused me to want to finish the story and to find that
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