A Worn Path: Phoenix Jackson a Very Old Woman Essay

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Heroes are born everyday. But not all of them have to be able to fly around the world or stop a bullet with their teeth. They don't have to be like superman and wonder woman. There are many hereos in the world, you just have to know where to look for them. They are just ordinary people a lot of the time. Many of them can be parents and grandparents. It all depends on what the person does to be considered a hero, such as a grandparent that would walk about 50 miles to get medicine for their sick grandson. That is what Phoenix Jackson did for her grandson in the short story, "A Worn Path". Phoenix Jackson is a very old woman who lives out in the backcountry of Mississippi with her sick grandson. She takes care of him because she is his…show more content…
On the way to getting her grandson's medicine she has to deal with a lot of harsh conditions to get to the big city. She has to go through marshes and thorn bushes. "Swampy part where the moss hung as lace from every limb." "Thorns, you doing your appointed work. Never want to let anyone pass, no sir ". Phoenix has endured going through thorns and swampy places so that she can get the medication for her grandson. She never gives up, no matter how tough things get. She is determined to get to the city as soon as she can so that she can get back to see her grandson. Phoenix also forgets her purpose for the mission in which she goes every now and then. But soon after she remembers and keeps on going. Phoenix lives with her grandson who she takes care of. She has to walk all the way from her small home in the woods to the big city so that she can get medication for her grandson, who has a problem with his throat. But on the way she runs into harsh conditions. These conditions do not set her off her course or slow her down. Phoenix is a hero in her own way. She takes care of her sick grandson, and she walks all the way to the big city so that the medicine that her grandson needs would be free. Good literature is as this short story is. It shows the real world and not of the worlds where super heroes fly around the world 20 times in 10 seconds. Real life heroes aren't like those in comic books. They are everyday people that do things like you
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