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A Worn Path
In the story by Eudora Welty, “The Worn Path” Phoenix Jackson is a complex character who defies a stereotype in a symbolic way. Welty's story describe Phoenix as the o;d lady who had to travel miles a day in order to prove to the other characters that her grandson was not dead. Having to prove that her grandson was not dead Phoenix had three traits of characteristics. She was loving, determined, and persistent. These traits help her to overcome being stereotyped and ultimately her overcoming these stereotype made her symbolic in the journey, her name, and the time frame in which the event happen.
As phoenix made her way to the town to get medication for her grandson who had swallowed lye two to three years ago (274).
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This should encourage women of today that there will be time in life when they will be faced with different thorns and difficulties but they should be determine as this will leads to perseverance.
Secondly, Phoenix was being stereotyped by the different character she came in contact with as she made her errand. First, she was being categorize as the old negro lady(270). She encounter mostly white people throughout her journey. She was also being stereotype because of her age. For instance, when she went in the doctors office the attendant refer to her as a “grandma”(274). Grandma is what they normal call older African ladies. In James article he mention that “Phoenix Jackson just happened to be the old black woman who is to ignore an all-to vital aspect of our nation's history”(65). This explains that Phoenix was being shown racism as in concern to her color. “ Phoenix and so many others was born into slavery but given the chance to her race evolve away from that degrading institution”(66). Lastly, Phoenix was being stereotype base on the theme of the story “A Worn Path”. The theme plays an important part throughout the entire journey. The worn path was not difficult foe Phoenix because she had travel this path before. “ the going has gotten some what easier upon this

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