A Worship Service At The Unitarian Church Of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

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On April 3rd, 2016 I attend a worship service at the Unitarian Church of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; the Clover lane branch. Reverend Michael Walker is the interim minister that led the service. Upon arrival the parking lot was filled with higher class vehicles, along with some hybrid and eco-cars. When entering the sanctuary the congregation was mostly white in race and mostly male in gender. The congregation acted to be of higher class or wealthy. The main colors with in the sanctuary were blue and grey with a very open floor plan. The congregation sits to face the stage with a giant wall of glass panel windows that give an amazing view of the outdoors. There is a back drop where the minister stands that seems to be made out of cinder blocks but was very modern and geometrical in pattern. There was a front table on the stage that had fresh flowers, a set of human figurines and a fire torch. The building inside has very sharp linear architecture and was very modern overall. The ceremonial clothing was not casual for the congregation, but a little more formal. Men wore suits with or without their jackets and ties and bowties. The women wore dress or skirts and a few had pants on. The women were dressed conservatively and the children wore similar things to what their parents were wearing. The minister wore a navy suit with a grey shirt and a navy tie. He also wore a shawl over his shoulders that was yellow with a blue and grey design. Before the service started a member of

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