A Wrinkle in Time Review

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Sci-Fi Book Review A Wrinkle In Time by Madeleine Lengle is an adventure packed story about a high-school girl named Meg Murry who is accompanied by her intellegant brother Charles Wallace and friend Calvin O'Keefe on a quest to find her father. At the beginning of the book, you are introduced to Meg who is troubled by personal insecurities and her concern for her father. Meg is always getting in trouble at school for talking back and giving attitude to her teachers, and her mom is concerned. On one dark and rainy evening, Mrs. Whatsit appears at Megs house, at first Meg is very sceptical about Mrs. Whatsit, but Charles Wallace explains that she was a very nice lady. During Mrs Whatsits stay she suprises Meg's mother by reassuring her of…show more content…
First, Meg must learn to overcome her desire for conformity and accept her own uniqueness as an individual. In the begining of the book you can see Meg struggling at school, she feels left out and "awkward". She is always getting in trouble with the principle at school, and explains to her mom that she hates being different. When Meg and her friends arrived at Camazotz, she sees that everyone and everything is the same, and there she relizes how much she appriciates being unique. Another theme within the book is light vs darkness. This is showed through the three W's, Meg and her friends as they battle against IT,the Dark Thing and the Man with the Red Eyes. Mrs. Whatsit is also refered to the "jesus" figure, as she is a fighter against evil and turn into a celestial creature. Madeleine shows the readers to just be unique, just because you arn't the same as everyone else, does not mean you need to conform to fit in or be loved. I would definetly reccomend this book to anyone, at any age and who loves fantasy and adventure type books. Every page I read I was hooked more and more because Madeleine's writting was always interesting. When you think one thing is going to happen, something interesting and cool would pop right around the corner. Madeleine also had a very nice way of portraying her characters, every one in her book was interesting and unique, and all had their own litle back ground story.
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