A Writing Ecology Is A Dynamic, Interconnected System Of Communication

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A writing ecology is a dynamic, interconnected system of communication, which works together through interaction and sharing. As the term ‘ecology’ traditionally refers to the relationships between organisms in an environment, the ability to metaphorically link this to a concept of writing redefines the complexity of networked technologies and the influences of technological change. The ability to participate in a digitally evolving space opens up new possibilities and opportunities when accessing and expressing knowledge and information. Snowfall (Branch, 2016) is an explicit example of this as it demonstrates key concepts through optimising its environment. By allowing the audience to actively engage themselves in the text, Snowfall revolutionised traditional media in its time.

Writing as a digitally networked environment enriches the experience of the reader by allowing them to interact with new technological forms. The ability to engage in multimodal writing spaces exceeds traditional alphabetic text by drawing upon the audience’s sensory responses. New multimodal media explores still and moving images, music, colour and sound that entices and interacts with the responder. Snowfall is an example of this as it discusses the affects an avalanche had on the town of Tunnel Creek. Its interactive form produces an interesting layout, which gives the reader a more active and dynamic experience in contrast to traditional and more restrictive written text. By using a
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