A Young American's Discovery of the Silent Majority Essay examples

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A Young American's Discovery of the Silent Majority

History panders to the glorious and dramatic while often there is a story untold. Perhaps it is less exciting, but no less crucial in understanding history as a whole. Thus is the story of the “silent majority.” On November 3rd 1969, one year after his victory in the United States Presidential race, President Nixon issued an address to the American public in which he coined the term “silent majority.”

President Nixon’s address began by describing the situation he inherited when taking office. Nixon described the situation as such: “The war had been going on for four years. One thousand Americans had been killed in action. The training program for the South Vietnamese was
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For almost 200 years, the policy of this nation has been made under our Constitution by those leaders in the Congress and the White House elected by all of the people. If a vocal minority, however fervent its cause, prevails over reason and the will of the majority, this nation has no future as a free society (Episode).”

President Nixon proceeded to address the concerns of the vocal minority and then to address what he termed the silent majority. From reading the address in its entirety one gets an overall tone of an issuance of comfort, rather than just an aim to inform. President Nixon’s comforting speeches did little to silence the vocal minority however as they continued to voice concerns just after his second inauguration in 1972. A student writing for the Albany Student Press issued this concern in January of 1972; “In 1968, the Republican candidate Richard Nixon promised to end the war in Southeast Asia; in 1972, the President remains adamant against setting any date for total withdrawal of American forces…(Oringher).” The author continued on a rant exclaiming the failed promises of the Nixon administration and claiming the President had done nothing to ameliorate unemployment and nothing to help women, blacks, or native Americans.

Such was the typical attitude of a student claiming vocal minority status. The article pays no mind to outside forces that might affect unemployment and makes no attempt to offer exactly

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