A Young Girl Stood Out On Her Bedroom Balcony

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A young girl stood out on her bedroom balcony in Kenya. With the trees looming over her head, she look out over the hills of the Karura forest. The beautiful fauna clouded her mind from the imminent danger. The charming hills of Nairobi helped create a life long fear for the girl.

She lived in a four bedroom apartment right across from the the local school. Her two parents and two siblings shared the apartment. As the sun started to peer over the horizon, her parents went off to work and her siblings we off getting ready for school. That day she felt like procrastinating getting ready for school. One the her favorite activity was to walk onto the balcony and stare off into the natural beauty of the rainforest. Throughout that year lots of wildlife could be seen off that balcony. She says there were monkeys stealing fruits, birds taking clothes off of clotheslines, and even the occasional gigantic baboon causing havoc.

On that day she peered over her balcony just like usual. There was an eerie silence as a snake slithered from a tree and onto the balcony. She was still staring off into the distance. The snake gained ground and inched its way closer to her. As the snake poked its forked tongue out of its mouth, she finally saw the serpent and quickly screamed for her life. She says she, “bursted into a sprint even though the balcony was only two feet across.” Once into the house she tried to close the door, but the safety lock would not unhinge. The snake slithered closer,

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