A Young Man And A Car : A Reflection On A Real Life Negotiation Essay

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A young man and a car: A reflection on a real life negotiation In America, buying your first car is a rite of passage. From a young age, with driver’s licenses years down the road, children begin fantasizing about what car they will drive when they’re old enough. The same was true for me. As I got older and began to understand the complexities of purchasing an automobile, however, my dreams became increasingly realistic. Now, I see the process of negotiating that first car as nearly as important as what car I buy. This assignment allowed me to have a better chance of negotiating successfully when I must buy my first car. For my real life negotiation assignment, I went to Auffenberg Pre-Owned Center in Belleville. This represented an entirely new experience for me because I have never bought a car. I chose to negotiate for a vehicle for two reasons. First, I can’t negotiate for something more typical – like a raise or lower rent – because of my circumstances. Second, I will probably buy a car within the next few years, so I thought this experience would prove beneficial. After negotiating for the vehicle, I think this experience helped improve my negotiation skills by showing me things I do well, areas I can improve, and tactics the salesman used against me. Overall, this experience made me a better negotiator. To prepare for my negotiation, I used a variety of websites, including the dealership’s own site, Kelly Blue Book, Carfax, Cars.com, and the NADA’s website, to

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