A Young Man's Folly Short Summary

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Sadly, not all marriages have good endings. This could be caused by several reasons, such as falling out of love, neglect, or lack of communication. The latter is the main cause of the short story A Young Man’s Folly by Susan Michalicka. The story revolves around a modern family, where a boy tries to deal with the loss of his father leaving him. Michalicka conveys the message of: “Sometimes when you’re chasing something, you lose sight of what is really important” very well through the use of conflict, characterization and symbolism. Conflict was used effectively in the short story to reveal the theme of the story. The boy has an internal conflict about which parent to stay with, and because his father left, he seemed to have favored him. He wanted him back so badly that every night, he watches him on the six o’clock news while wearing his old jackets. He was blinded by his father’s sudden departure that he forgot about what is really important. Additionally, another development in the short story’s conflict has been used effectively to reveal the theme. When the boy went to Macdonald’s to see his father’s true colors, he thought: “I finished my drink quickly, thankful that he had to be back in the studio for the news.” By the time he saw his dad for the first time in a while, he knew he was not the man he thought he was. At that moment, he also realized that he lost sight of what he had all this time: His mother’s unconditional love. If it wasn’t for the characterization of

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