A Young Soldier´s Point of View About America´s Involvement in WWI

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Without American involvement the “Hun” will continue to attack American ships on the open seas and will destroy the great countries of Europe. And America has already thrown its economic forces in with the French and the British and America can’t afford not to support them. But America must carefully weigh the consequences of war. America must decide as a nation that the loss of life and money it will surely sustain are worth it. While the loss of America soldiers is something that will definitely happen if America enters the war that is raging in Europe, the Germans have made it clear that this is not a war the Americans can afford not to get involved in. There are many good reasons for America to join WWI. The American people can’t just allow the German practice of unrestricted submarine warfare. The German Government pledged to stop attacking all passenger ships and to allow the crews of merchant vessels to escape before their ships were attacked but now the Germans are resuming unrestricted submarine warfare. The Germans are also a relentless, efficient war like people. They have been reported to carry out many terrible atrocities in Belgium. The “Hun” should not be allowed to pillage all of Europe. France and Britain have also been given lots of support including an estimated two billion dollars in loans and if they fail to succeed in their struggle that investment will be lost. A conflict with Germany would not be an attack on a sovereign nation but would be the

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