A Zero Wage Increase Again? Case Study

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Mark, the store owner of a large hardware, furniture and building centre, is indecisive about whether he should and can give raises to his employees. All of his employees have not received a raise in the past two years and Mark is worried that freezing wages again may cause more problems. He knows that there are hard workers and not-so-hard workers in his store. The hard workers have proven more than once that they are needed to keep his store running smoothly. These people show great work ethic, meaning they work hard when supervisors are and are not watching. The not-so-hard workers seem to be lazy and not care about their work, so long as they’re receiving a paycheck. These people consistently call in sick just for a day off or are more worried about socializing with their co-workers than helping customers. Mark is having a dilemma because he wants to give everyone a raise, but he feels only the hard workers are the ones that really deserve a raise. However, he realizes only giving raises to certain people can cause more problems than solutions. Mark’s goal is to give everyone a raise because they have not received one in two years. He wants to find a way to cut costs so his store has more money to actually afford giving raises to his employees. Addressing wages made him realize that there are hard workers who keep the store running and the not-so-hard workers who are possibly hindering the stores success. When realizing this, he is deciding who he should and should not
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