A Zombie Manifesto: The Nonhuman Condition

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A Zombie Manifesto
Juliet, Sarah, and Karen Embry. A Zombie Manifesto: The Nonhuman Condition In The Era Of Advanced Capitalism. 1st ed. 2008. Print. The zombie has been described as one of the most dominant monsters in films towards the end of the twentieth century. It has always resurfaced in British and American films in the last five years. The essay explores zombies from historical times to the living dead zombie of a modern film who seems to be most common in the real world. Reading about the zombie as a haunting object reveals a crisis of human personification, that is, the way power works and man’s history of oppression to others. The essay also attempts to proclaim the future possibility that the zombie could be post-human in future since it is mindful. …show more content…

The zombie is now depicted as a slave and capitalist-worker but also the consumer who is trapped within the moral concept that assures the survival of the system. A difference also has to be considered between the zombie and the slave. A justification of slavery is seen as an endeavor of slavery and an attempt to shift the burden of human necessity. It is said that the zombie and the slave are subject to pure necessity, but the slave is performing another person’s labor like a machine while the zombie works for no one and only produces more zombies ( 96-101).
REAL LIVE ZOMBIES The corpses of a zombie represents the inseparable character of human existence. It is the lifeless state that we must return. The corpse has the ability to scare by implication but the living corpse may frighten since it represents both our future and present. The zombie is like most monsters with various kinds of bodies. However, it illustrates the real threat of the human body. The zombie terrifies as a representation of the lived human condition (

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