A Zombie's Thoughts to All Who Wronged Him Essay

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The faces flashed before my face, they were sharp, angular, round. They appeared in swirls of colors, ranging from vibrant blood red to electric blueberry to a shade of highlighter caution yellow. The strobe lights gave a seizure like effect to the eyes. It became complete with the over blaring of the techno-tronic bass and the high soprano beeping of a synthesizer wailing like a person with second degree burns over the metal-based speakers. Each person in the room had a vice of sorts, an addiction that made them unique, while at the same time, it was like ripping the very carbon from their building blocks of life apart into alien substances. I had never seen the sights before, and the very overload of it was a shock the senses. I held…show more content…
She even splurged big bucks for the Citizens for Humanity jeans and the Alaïa high heels were almost like a cry of distress if it was not for the lack of designer clothes in my own wardrobe. We drove up to the mansion, the first I had ever inhabited in my life, and I looked back at the MapQuest instructions to make sure I wasn’t mistaken. The address was right we were on Sugar Cane Dr. and it was in the cul-de-sac down the street from Boardman High. The house had a dark washed fence around it, with a large in-ground pool in the backyard. “It’s Ivana’s house. Her parents just bought it, and they are throwing a house-warming shindig. If you want, we could get out of the car and go inside,” Johnny whispered as the stroked my cheekbones lightly with the tips of his fingers, and then switching with his nails. He peered through his charcoal gray eyelashes and stepped out the warm truck cab. He flung my door out and wrenched me out of the seat. Trudging forward, he drove his fist into his khaki pants and grasped at my hand. The door opened. The faces danced around me. It wasn’t the bodies that were contorting around each other that caught my attention, which sickened me weak in the gut. It was the smell of their drug-infused sweat that the instance sensation of vertigo came over me. Johnny felt my bony fingers go slack. The floor plan of the first floor was a giant square. Each room was filled with vice, reminding me of a game show with different prizes behind each

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