A closer Look at Benny Morris' One State, Two States

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With an uncanny ability to convey his argument in a concise and precise manner, Benny Morris’s book One State, Two States quite comprehensively discredits the belief that a so-called ‘One State’ solution may bring peace to the region between the Mediterranean and the Jordan. As an academic and a professor of history at the Ben-Gurion University in Israel, one should be able to hold Morris’s text in high regard for his academic integrity. Unfortunately, it could be argued that to do so would be a staunch mistake, as he strongly evokes subjectivity and bias in his narrative. With a primary focus on the perspective of his own nation, Morris draws on a large number of source material and quotes, but appears to have left strong Arab Palestinian…show more content…
The simple objective of Morris’s book is to argue that Arab rejectionism is so deeply entrenched in the psyche of Arabs, that only the most ignorant and unrealistic of minds could believe that Palestinians would ever concede to a state consisting merely of the Gaza and the West Bank. According to Morris, this is partly due to the mutual exclusivity in the mindsets and value systems of the Israeli Jewish society and that of the Palestinian Muslim Society. However, instead of placing blame for the rejectionist sentiment on both Jews and Muslims alike, Morris appears to pin the blame mostly on the latter’s ability to compromise. He says, “The idea of sharing Palestine either through a division of the country into two states, one Jewish, the Other Arab, or through a unitary binational entity, based on political party between the two communities is alien to the Muslim Arab mindset” (Morris, 2009, 188). Morris structures his book in three, rather long chapters; beginning with a thorough analysis of the One State solution, and how the idea has come to fruition in modern times. He starts with Tony Judt’s account, who wrote an article advocating for a single state to be shared between the conflicting Israelis and Palestinians. According to Morris, the Arab nationalists are the only blockade currently standing between the creation of a pure Jewish nation, on what some believe to

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