A comparison Study of Russia and Estonia

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Human rights are a fundamental aspect of the lives of individuals. The atrocities committed throughout history have prompt the formation of a variety of organizations that have encourage the advancement and respect for the human rights of all individuals around the world. Despite a growing human rights movement and awareness among individuals, many countries still continue to violate the human rights of their citizens. There could be many reasons for this trend, but there are certain factors that could indicate why some countries have higher levels of human rights violations than others. Through the method of agreement, this paper will attempt to provide the factor that leads to the inequality of human rights violation-levels between…show more content…
866). Their rationality is based on the fact that democracy empowers the masses that are able to use this power to fight back and prevent their government from abusing their human rights. Democracy also makes it easier for citizens to report instances of state repression to the international community, thus forcing abusive leaders to either stop the abuses or to renounce their power (Poe & Tate, 1994, p. 855-866). In a semi-democratic country like Russia, this empowerment of the masses has less strength to significantly prevent state repression, and sometimes the ability to shed light on abuses is difficult since mass media is practically controlled by the abusive government. Similarly, Davenport (1995) argues that democratic governments are less likely to use repression when dealing with mass demonstrations because their nature is to allow expressions of freedom by the citizenry, which they are aware always comes with a level of domestic disorder. This awareness decreases the use of violence against the citizens (p. 690-691). Since Russia is a semi-democratic state, government respect and awareness of citizens’ freedom in not yet well developed, so the government continues to react violently and to use repression when dealing with mass demonstrations, as it was the nature of the pre-existing socialist government.
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