A comparison of two types of renewable energies in China: hydro energy and biomass energy, in order to determine the most suitable for China’s future

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Today it is the imperative of each country supply own citizens by water, food, energy, infrastructure. If country want to improve own economic, politic situations in the World, it should, first of all, advance the citizen’s level of living, because the main value of any country is the countries civilians. Therefore, one of the majorities of factors which could improve living level ipso facto improves industrial and economic situation of a country is the energy sustainability. Nowadays, China is the World’s leader in population, according to the Central Intelligence Agency (2010) it supply about 1.33 billion people. It is seen that China needs gigantic supplies of energy, because of large energy consumption. At the present, there are many …show more content…
Role and meanings of these energy types in China
As mentioned by Feng and other researchers (2007, 188) China is the World’s leader in biomass technology and its consumption. Biomass energy defines as energy that obtains by producing it from organic matters, such as crop residues, firewood, foul, industrial and bio wastes (Zhang et al. 2007, 440). So, to attain this energy there is a great deal of distinct types of contraction biomass energy: direct burning, co-firing, biomass gasification, repowering, and other types (How Biomass Energy Works 2010). The easiest and common way of converting organic matters to the energy is the direct burning: biomasses should be burned to produce a steam; consequently this steam runs turbines which generate electricity (How Biomass Energy Works 2010). Another widespread example of bio energy is biomass gasification – a production of syngas by combination a heated biomass with oxygen under pressure, which could easily produce electricity by transforming it into steam, which goes through the electricity generation turbines (ibid.). Especially, China utilizes direct burning and biomass gasification (biogas) as the main forms