A faith in species equality

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At the ripe age of fourteen, my life consisted of friends, school, family and the latest social media networking sites. Lacking commitment and ideals, I went with the flow and considered myself a normal teen. I liked shopping and adored cute animals, the typical generic qualities of a freshman girl entering high school. One night while I ritually logged onto my Facebook checking my notifications, I received a message from one of the Facebook group pages I had recently joined named “cute puppies.” I clicked the message describing a link to an animal rights video. I considered the message, thinking to myself, I care about animal rights, I love puppies and real fur is not cool, so out of pure curiosity and Sunday night pre-homework…show more content…
At one point in time God mandated man and animal to eat solely from the earth. Perhaps in one of the western world’s oldest and most influential and powerful texts, there was reasoning for the implied notion of equality. He creates man and woman at a synchronized point in time, on the same day he creates all other earthly creatures again at the same time. He gives the same instructions and blessings to animals as he does to man and woman he says, “God blessed them saying, be fruitful and multiply”(Genesis, 1:22, 28). He also instructs both man and animal that the earth is a food source for all. The text implies that animal and human are created and instructed in an analogous fashion, as equal inhabitants of the earth, similar to the ideal against speciesism, that all of God’s creatures or earth inhabitants desire the equal right to life. The same texts that seems to imply the guidelines of animal equality, is the main source of the Judeo-Christian faith. In my lifetime, I have never witnessed someone sitting down at a dinner table and being interrogated and judged as to why they practice their Christian
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