A good man is hard to find

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Critical Essay #1
A Closer Look Into
“A Good Man Is Hard to Find”

By James ENC-1102

The short story I chose for my critical essay is a story that caught my attention with a gentle and inspiring title and as I began to turn pages it suddenly evolved into a theme that caught me off guard and I quickly became intrigued by elusive style of writing the author used to express this story in a unique form of literature. After reading Flannery O’Connor’s “A Good Man is Hard to Find”, I will discuss the vivid historical and cultural context the author revealed to the story’s setting in relation to its style and how the main character is exposed to different parallels of what she considers to be a good man in time that is dealing with
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The relation between the definition of Southern Gothic Literature and the historical context and plot which the story contains is almost identical in characteristics and perfect placement by the author to give the story a sense of significance where it is relevant in all elements.
While researching this short story you complete a close reading you come to recognize the close details that come to expose a theme that is elusive and shows different parallels of what Grandma considers being a good man within different parts of the story. In order to bring further understanding I am going to give you a brief summary on the short story.
The story begins in Georgia in the 1940’s-1950’s with the Grandma as the main character who is trying to manipulate her son named Bailey and his wife from traveling to Florida because of the danger of a man called The Misfit who has escaped from prison and instead tries to persuade them to travel to Tennessee. Eventually, the Grandmother doesn’t succeed at convincing him to travel to Tennessee so both of them head off toward Florida along with Bailey’s wife, their young daughter June, their eight year old son John Wesley, the young baby, and Gandmas cat. They drive for a while and Grandma talks to her granddaughter of her early days when she was a maiden
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