A human induced global ecological crisis is occurring, threatening the stability of this earth and

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A human induced global ecological crisis is occurring, threatening the stability of this earth and its inhabitants. The best path to address environmental issues both effectively and morally is a dilemma that raises concerns over which political values are needed to stop the deterioration of the natural environment. Climate change; depletion of resources; overpopulation; rising sea levels; pollution; extinction of species is just to mention a few of the damages that are occurring. The variety of environmental issues and who and how they affect people and other species is varied, however the nature of environmental issues has the potential to cause great devastation. The ecological crisis we face has been caused through anthropocentric…show more content…
This is an ecoentric view which contrasts and challenges anthropocentrism, prioritizing human beings above other species and originating from religious values of the earth being made by a god for human use. Ecocentricism looks beyond humans and says the natural diversity building of the last 3.5 billion years should continue uninterrupted by a particular species, the earth and its resources are not just for human use and consumption (Foreman 1998: 358-373). Two key elements of deep ecology are the recognized ability for the unhindered development of the natural world, and ‘bio-centric equality’, making it a political right for the natural world to develop (Naess 1998: 353-357). It promotes equality of all sentient and non-sentient beings and treats the earth as one big life form that should not be interfered with by human behavior. If these values were to be politically dominant there would be not be such extreme neglect of environmental issues and irresponsible use of resources occurring as there is in modern society.

Ecologism’s focus on all elements of this earth being equal in worth to sentient creatures makes it an effective theory to tackle environmental issues in their entirety but comprises of difficult values to implement socially. Anthropocentricism is how humans have evolved to be the dominant life form on this planet, the religious values of humans being unique under the eyes of
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