Essay A look at Nora’s transformation from beginning to end

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Many human beings, in particular women, are always searching for the especial individual and do anything in order to get what they expect. Love is a crazy feeling in which the heart leads the way and sometimes we can consider those in love under a spell. The brain has no saying and common sense is lost against this so-called “feeling of love.” I will be discussing the play a “Doll’s house” by Ibsen and in particular the transformation that Nora undergoes throughout the play until she recognizes that she is not in love with Torvald. This play was set in a time were women were dependent on man most of the time and were not able to define themselves. The only duties given to a wife, like Nora, were to be a good House wife, Take care of the…show more content…
Nora explains “the past eight years have been such happy time.”(Ibsen,7). This quote gives the sense of dependency to Torvald and how much in love she thinks she is. Meanwhile, Nora enjoys being a wife and a mother at times. Nora is depicted by Torvald as animal names and she enjoys to be called these names. The names range from “My little squirrel, little lark, little sweet tooth, my pretty little pet and little spendthrift.”(Ibsen, 1-5). Of course Nora enjoys to be called those names because they are coming from the man she belongs to and one that has kept her happy for the past eight years. In comparison, this stage in their relationship relates to stage four of Stendhal’s “Love”. Nora has grown acquainted to Torvalds “name calling” and therefore, “Love is born, to love is to enjoy seeing, touching, and sensing with all the senses, as closely as possible, a lovable object that loves in return.”(Stendhal,45). In this case Nora is the object that loves him in return. Following this further, the first crystallization begins and Nora counts her blessings that Torvald has brought to her life. This explains all the chatting and extra ta;king she did with Kristine in order to bring her up to date about her life. Nora mentions to Kristine, how Torvald became sick and they had to move, “and he became seriously ill. The doctors said it was essential for him to go south.”(Ibsen,9). The crystallization stage is fond of “counting your
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