A major outbreak of Lead Poisoning in Northern Nigeria

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Preliminary Issues A major outbreak of Lead Poisoning in Northern Nigeria, more specifically in the area of the Zamfara State, is described by the Human Rights Watch (HRW) as the “biggest epidemic of Lead Poisoning in modern history.” The height of the outbreak caused children mortality rates to sky rocket. This situation is still a current crisis today – for those who still suffer from lead poisoning, and for the survivors who are now struggling with the dire disabilities. According to news report released by NPR Health, the original crisis was caused due to locals processing of ore for gold. The area that was being processed for ore was laced with lead; when the ore was grinded to extract the gold, the process generated clouds of “lead-laden” dust, which was carried home by the workers and inhaled by the children (NPR Health News). The result showed an alarming impact on the mortality rate of children who were exposed to lead. According to The African Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences, approximately 400 children died within the first couple days of the lead infested mining incident, and a total of 40% of children died in the village of Zamfara within the year (The African Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences). Medical attention was brought to the area when there was an unusual notice for the experience of deaths, vomiting of blood, and seizures in children. Health professionals discovered that while the international concerned level of lead poisoning is
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