A multitude of influential presidents have come and gone in America, although none like Harry S.

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A multitude of influential presidents have come and gone in America, although none like Harry S. Truman. This above average president is one to be recognized for his unbelievable achievements within political foreign policies and governing here in the states. Although first struggling to gain his balance after the sudden death of his predecessor, Truman remained loyal to the Unites States and proved to be one of the most charismatic, and beneficial presidents that the nation has ever seen. The influences of Truman’s early life and introduction to politics, as well as the unexpected win of presidency and constant failures and triumphs shaped this man’s life as well as those of the American people. Harry S. Truman was born in Lamar,…show more content…
Later that year, Truman became first introduced to the world of politics when friend of the Truman family asked him to run for judge in Kansas City. Little did Truman know that this was the beginning of the biggest challenge of his life. Finding an unknown love for politics, Truman became a senator in 1934, catapulting his life towards becoming Vice President of the United States under Franklin Delano Roosevelt. In 1944, Truman was selected as the Vice President under FDR. “Eighty-two days after Truman’s election as vice president, he became president when Franklin D. Roosevelt died in office on April 12, 1945” (Toropov 202). Truman completed the rest of FDR’s elected term before actually running himself in the 1948 presidential campaign against Governor Thomas Dewey. After winning 49.5% of the votes over Dewey’s 45.1% with a popular vote of 24,179,345 and electoral vote of 303, Truman was sworn into office on November 2nd, 1948 ( Miller Center: cite). Although winning by almost 4% of the votes, most expected Dewey to win. The newspapers were quite shocked to find that Truman had won the election and their preprinted “Dewey Defeats Truman” papers were now false and inaccurate. Truman’s ability to cover the rest of FDR’s term without any prior warning or information was surprising and impressive to say the least. After his success with the continuation of FDR’s term it only made sense for Truman to run again for a second term in office.
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