A reflective paper on the four functions of management. And applying them to real life.

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(Reflective Paper)

By Roderick Smith

Good and effective management is vital to the dynamics of a forward moving society. This is true in all organizations, including business and government. Society could function with ineffective managers and management to some extent but not to its optimum. 'Good' management can map out a path to success whereas poor management may lead to failure and possible collapse. By considering the roles of a successful manager we can learn that they are carried out continually in society and it is in fact managers that implement them. French managerial scholar Henri Fayol identified the roles of a successful manager. The "process approach" identifies these. It states that managers perform four main roles, those
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They also make key decisions that enable tasks to be completed (Robbins, Coulter, 2003 pg256).

I saw an example of a leader performing this function at the store Hallmark. It is the "manager" who makes important decisions in a time of crisis. They must lead the employees and motivate. If the manager did not perform the management process of leading, decisions would not be made and customer satisfaction would be affected. A lack of leadership would result in an unmotivated and misdirected employee. If there is an absence of effective leadership, a business will suffer. Without leadership there is no direction for an organization. Leadership is necessary in society and managers are required to apply leadership skills.


What of the role of controlling? Controlling enables managers to see if the organization is achieving its goals (Robbins, Coulter, 2003 pg496). Managers do this by monitoring performance and making changes if necessary. By measuring performance, managers can compare current performance against standards. If these are not met they can then take corrective action.

An example of a lack of control was seeing employees at Express sitting on the counter, doing there nails, and talking on the phone.

Management in this case did not properly monitor the employees' performance, and if this continues the lack of customers has a likely hood of causing a decrease in sales

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