A rose for Emily evaluation Analysis

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A rose for Emily evaluation Analysis English composition II Professor Polnac The short story A Rose for Emily is the tale about Emily Grierson and the time leading to her death. Emily was raised by her father to have a sense of class and expectation to be treated as such. Emily grew up in an era where black women were not allowed to be on the street without aprons, this was set into motion by her father. Her house was on one of the nicer streets in the town and was kept well. Emily was raised by her controlling father who never thought any suitor for his girl was good enough. He had made arrangements when Emily was a child that he should never have to pay taxes. This was indicative of the power her family once reveled in.…show more content…
The new suitor, Homer, begins to drive Emily around and show her attention. The townspeople were happy thinking that poor Emily would marry Homer but when she did not they viewed it as inappropriate. Homer disappears from the story soon after there was talk that Emily wanted to be wed. Years pass, Emily dies at the age of seventy-four. At this time people are invited into her home for the first time in forty years. Upon entering the house the guests are elated to have a chance to see the room Emily had sealed up years ago. In the room they find Homer’s body laid on the bed, a suit for a wedding laid out, and indent in the pillow next to his dead body were it is believed Emily slept. The main character of this story is Emily Grierson. The author does a good job of introducing her to the story noting in the first sentence, “When Miss Emily Grierson died, our whole town went to her funeral…” (Bohner 404). From the beginning the reader gets a sense of interest in Emily and that she was played an important role in her town. Emily’s character as described by the narrator is very consistent. She was raised as a person of wealth who was sheltered from the outside world. Emily seems to have a lack of finesse when dealing with other people finesse, a person of wealth and class should have. Emily’s character was strong yet weak at the same time and the narrator notes this in her altercation with the druggist. “She carried her head high enough-even
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