A seat in the Garden Essay

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I’m not the Indian you had in mind; a video that was written and directed by Thomas King challenges the stereotypical image that America has towards Native Americans. King is also the author of a short novel “A seat in the Garden”. This short story also challenges the established perspective that American society has towards the Native Americans. There are various stereotypes and perspectives that a majority of the public has toward a particular group. For example some of the common stereo types that are seen throughout the media are that all Asians are good at math, women are primarily sex objects, All Africans like fried chicken, and all Mexicans are gangsters. These stereo types are not completely true for an entire group, yet they…show more content…
When Red shows up the Indian is still in his garden and they decide to “take him down.” They grabbed some tools and Joe charged towards the Indian. Before he knew it he had fallen and when he looked back up the Indian was no longer in sight. That afternoon when the police showed up and Joe explained to him where the Indian was and how he was going to take him down earlier, but he tripped and fell in his attempt. The officer asked if the Indian looked familiar and Joe replied “no there aren’t any Indians around here” and his friend Red the corrected him by reminding him of some guys who come around on weekends. Joe replied “those old winos?” Joe and Red don’t know the Indians, but because they may have encountered some Indians that are drunks they make the assumption that the Indians that they see on the weekends picking up cans are winos. They are contributing to a negative conclusion of a particular group, yet they don’t even know any of them on a personal level. That fallowing Saturday they decided that they were going to ask the Indians that pick up cans what the Indian that roams their garden means, or wants from them. As Joe watches the Indians arrive he imagines they could smell because of their appearance. Joe and Red wait till about noon when the so called “winos” show up and decide to approach them to get their situation cleared up. Red
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