A selective Annotated Bibliography on Convergence and Divergence

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A selective Annotated Bibliography on Convergence and Divergence Theodore Levitt (1983). “The Globalization of Markets.” Harvard business review pg 92-102 The author asserts in this journal to understand the two vectors shape the world – technology and globalization. The first helps determine human preferences, the second, economic realities. The global companies systematically push these vectors toward their own convergence, offering everyone simultaneously high-quality, more or less standardized products at low prices. Technology is a powerful force that has driven the world towards a converging commonality. Almost everybody everywhere wants all the things they have heard about, seen, or experienced via the new technologies. The…show more content…
The article is divided into four parts. First part focuses on the traditional perspective on international marketing strategies focusing on the dichotomy between standardization and adaptation. The second part examines key assumptions underlying the philosophy of global standardization. The third part focuses on the constraints to implementation of global standardization. The last part of the article concludes on the bases of its review that a more general approach is suitable which incorporates various degrees of standardization or adaptation strategies. It is an important article as it concludes that an effective global marketing strategy does not guarantee the marketing of standardized products and global brands worldwide. It might work for some companies but cannot work for all. Peng M.W., Pleggenkuhle-Miles E-G. “Current Debates in Global Strategy” International Journal of Management Reviews, 51-69 This paper contributes to the global strategy literature by outlining the four debates that we believe to be frontier issues with which the field will engage in the years to come. Its purpose is to review four current debates taking place in the field of global strategic management and international business. The review provides in-depth coverage of the four major global strategic management debates, comprising: (1) cultural vs institutional distance; (2) global vs regional geographic diversification; (3) convergence vs divergence in corporate governance, and (4)

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