A short story based on MacBeth.

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Modern Version of Macbeth

Once he arrived in Miami, Tony Montana started looking for a job. He needed money any way he could in order to support his wife. He wanted to have a nice life unlike the previous one he had in Cuba which was very poor and struggling to win some money to eat. Montana believed that if he had already escaped from Cuba he already had began to accomplish his dream to become rich.

He started out applying for a job as a dish washer but was not satisfied after 3 months because he was living in the same conditions he had been living in Cuba. He could barely pay the rent for his small apartment and bring food home every night for him and his wife. One night, he was walking home when he saw a guy on the street all beat up
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He knew this could easily be done because Louis trusted him.

One day, when Tony and Louis were together in Tony 's car, Tony shot Louis in the head and then shot himself in the arm. He went immediately to Tony 's mansion and told everyone that they had been shot by a group of gangsters. Everyone believed the story except Nick which still believed that something else had happened. Soon after, it was decided that Tony Montana was going to replace Louis. Tony had realized his goal. For the next 6 months, everything was perfect. He continued the drug business and moved to the mansion with his wife. Nick was his top dealer but he still sensed some bitterness from Nick 's part. Nick believed that Montana was the murderer but couldn 't prove it. Montana kept getting more money each day and Lady Montana was happy buying all the clothes and jewelry she could.

After a few months, Lady Montana started feeling guilty, she had nightmares where she saw Louis killing Tony with a shot to the head. She felt that she was responsible for the death of Louis and in part she was. She started having hallucinations and she turned into a lunatic until she ended up committing suicide but before she did she left a suicide letter for Tony which read "The guilt is killing me, can 't take it anymore." Nick was the one who found the letter and this convinced him that Tony was the murderer. He told the bodyguards about the note and they believed
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