A thesis paper on child abuse with a look into Dave Pelzers autobiography 'A Child Called 'IT'' Outlines various types of child abuse and prevention suggestions.

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Titled Child Abuse.A thesis paper on child abuse with a look into Dave Pelzers autobiography "United States more than three children die as a result of

child abuse in the home. That is more than 1,000 children a year and most of these children are

under the age of six. ( You may be wondering, what

exactly is child abuse? Of what does it consist? Are there different types? What are the signs?

Read on to find all the answers and take a look into the life of Dave Pelzer who was a victim of

child abuse. Also, do not forget to read child protection and preventive services to find out how

to protect and prevent child abuse in your area.

Child abuse is widespread and needs to be not only
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Most abusive parents do not

intentionally set out to harm their children. If there are efforts to aid distressed families, parents

at risk of abusing may be advised and helped before they resort to assault. Parent who abuse

their children may stay away from other mothers and fathers in the community and not take part

in school activities. When asked about the injuries of their children they do not want to talk

about it or seem nervous when they do. Also, take into account that parents who are poor, sick,

were abused as children, have a drinking or drug abuse problem increase the risk of child abuse

to their child or children. (

Dave Pelzer was a victim of and suffered severe emotional, physical child abuse and neglect

since the age of five. The case of this individual was and still is one of the most recognized, not

only in Californian, but North American history. He was called names, beaten, threatened,

starved and neglected by his emotionally unstable alcoholic mother. She played torturous games

on Dave which almost took away his life on several accounts. He was given broken bones, was

stabbed and brutally abused. Dave was no longer considered part of the Pelzer family, he was

later constrained to sleep in the basement on an empty stomach and was referred to as "It" or
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