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Unit 301 Understanding the Principles and Practices of Assessment |1.1 Explain the roles & functions of: | |initial assessment in identifying learner needs | |formative assessment in tracking learner progress | |summative assessment in assessing learner achievement | |The initial assessment pin-points the learners individual needs. This can lead to additional support being…show more content…
It is positive, tending to stress what a learner can do rather than what they | |cannot. | |1.2 Explain the following key concepts and principles of assessment: | |assessment as a process of making judgments of learners’ knowledge, skills and competence against set criteria | |what is meant by validity and reliability | |the role of evidence in making assessment decisions | |what is meant by evidence being authentic, sufficient and current | |the importance of objectivity and fairness to learners | |the importance of transparency for the learner | |There are many principles of assessment should be valid, Validity ensures that assessment tasks and associated criteria effectively | |measure leaner’s
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