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Unit Activity Unit: Introduction to High School Academics This activity will help you meet these educational goals: You will find and analyze the central idea of a work, including the use of quotes from the work to support your analysis. You will determine an author’s point of view and how their writing furthers their point of view in the work. You will organize and take part in a group discussion, including responding to the answers and point of view of the other participants. Introduction In this activity you will do a critical reading of an excerpt from a personal narrative by John Muir, “A Windstorm in the Forest.” You will then participate in a group discussion to share and construct knowledge collaboratively. You will be…show more content…
Discussions in those two cases are outlined below. Group-paced course The teacher organizes groups or enables students to self-organize. In the discussion session, students take turns presenting their thesis and then discussing each thesis with the group. One student (not the presenter) acts as a discussion facilitator. The discussion will be a round-robin, rotating the presenter and facilitator roles for each thesis. Plan to spend at least 15 minutes to present and discuss each thesis. Refer to the Discussion Summary below. You will want to take brief notes during the discussion so that you can easily complete the Discussion Summary afterwards. Self-paced course You will find at least two people to participate in this discussion with you. They could be classmates from other courses and friends but they can`t be siblings. They should be roughly your age, if possible, so you can have a thoughtful discussion with peers. You will set a time and place for the discussion and share the Discussion Guidelines for them to read prior to the discussion. You will be the only presenter for this discussion. You will also play the role of facilitator. You will present your thesis and then discuss it with your group. Your invited group members are only required to be active, thinking participants. Except for reading through the Discussion Guidelines ahead of time, they do not have to prepare for the discussion beforehand or do any

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