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Task 1: Compile marketing audits 3
1. Appraise the processes and technique used for auditing the marketing environment 3
2. Apply organizational and environmental auditing techniques in Kinh Do 4
Task 2: The potential barriers to Kinh Do’s marketing planning and some solution to overcome these barriers 8
1. Identify the main barriers to marketing planning in the company 8
2. Suggest some solutions for Kinh Do to overcome these barriers to marketing planning: 9


Kinh Do was established in 1993 and has gone through 17 years of formation and development. Up to now, Kinh Do has become a system of corporations in the fields of foodstuff
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With a clear understanding of where power lies, Kinh Do can take fair advantage of a situation of strength, improve a situation of weakness and avoid taking wrong steps.
b. Internal audit
Internal environment includes factors that can be controlled by the company such as management, production, finance, accounting, supply of materials, marketing, public relations (PR), human resources, information systems, etc. Analyzing these factors helps businesses identify strengths, weaknesses, then finding out the appropriate strategy. Marketing strategies, marketing systems, marketing organization, marketing function and marketing productivity are included in the internal audit.
Marketing strategy audit is about the marketing objectives of Kinh Do and how it relate to overall objectives. It also concerned about whether Kinh Do has enough resources to achieved these objectives or not. Marketing systems mentions the procedures for formulating marketing plans and management control. The structural capability to implement the plan is belonged to marketing organization. Marketing function is a review of the effectiveness of each element of the mix. The last area in marketing audit is marketing productivity about how profitable and cost- effective the marketing program is. Kinh Do should use some techniques such as value chain, marketing mix or SWOT as a tool to audit the internal environment. The value chain will show the marketing systems, marketing organization and

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