A320 Landing Gear System

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UNIVERSITI KUALA LUMPUR MALAYSIAN INSTITUTE AVIATION TECHNOLOGY A320 LANDING GEAR SYSTEM LECTURER HJ. MOHD NOOR HJ. SAID CLASS 5BME2 STUDENT NAME/MATRIX NO MOHD HAZIM NAZMI BIN MOHD ZAIDI-53259210123 TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION | 3 | LITERATURE REVIEW | 4 | 1.COMPONENT AND SYSTEM | 6 | 1.2 Steering system | 10 | 1.3 Wheel systems | 12 | 1.4 A320 Brakes | 13 | 1.5 Damping system | 18 | 2.LANDING GEAR OPERATION | 21 | 2.1 MMEL & MEL | 21 | 2.2 A320 failures | 22 | 3.MAINTENANCE AND SERVICING | 25 | 4.SAFETY FEATURES | 27 | CONCLUSION | 28 | REFERENCE | 29 | INTRODUCTION An exactly analysis of the landing gear, as designed on modern aircraft’s, is necessary to…show more content…
It has one nose landing gear leg and two main landing gear legs that are placed under the wing and retract into the fuselage. 1.1.1 Tricycle gear layout The tricycle gear (figure 1.1) consists of one nose landing gear leg and two main landing gear legs. When using a tricycle gear, around 13% of the total weight of the airplane acts down on the nose landing gear and 87% acts down on the main landing gear. The weight distribution depends on the position of the center of gravity. The center of gravity on the A320 must be between 17% and 38, 5% on the Mean Aerodynamic Chord (MAC). The location of the MAC can be calculated using the aircraft’s dimensions . Figure 1.1 Airbus 320 Landing gear layout The advantage of the tricycle gear is the stabilizing momentum during touchdown when the aircraft’s longitudinal axis is not parallel to the runway. The drag created by the two main gear wheels is parallel to the motion direction (figure 1.2). This means there is no momentum created however the drag that works on the two main gear wheels to the side creates a negative momentum. This momentum turns the aircraft parallel to the runway again. Fig 1.2 Tricycle gear Another advantage of the tricycle gear is that the aircraft is in a horizontal position when parked on the ground. Unlike the conventional landing gear configuration which has a tail wheel instead of a nose wheel. With the tail wheel causes the airplane to stand in

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