AAP Positioning on Formation of Delhi Governement: A Dangerous Political Obduracy

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AAP positioning on formation of Delhi Government: A dangerous political obduracy There is a likelihood of the emergence of political instability from the stand taken by the Aam Aadmi Party, in the context of forming a government in Delhi. The present stand has made the AAP so stubborn that it thinks this is the only honest force left in the country and therefore, it would not form a coalition with any party to form the Delhi government. Clearly, AAP has achieved a remarkable success in the Delhi Assembly election. This much also is distinct that people forcefully supported the party for its thrusts at the corruption-infested government. This is noticeable for the first time round in the annals of Indian politics that a party is…show more content…
The clean image of the leaders of the AAP has lent credibility, hidden beneath the truth of those promises. Consequently, the support that was so far the part of the property of the established parties turned towards AAP. The middle class people of India dissociated itself with established political parties for the reason that, because it found itself helpless before them. For them, the Aam Aadmi Party was the party of their type, which appeared capable to give off clean governance to the people. People hoped if the widespread corruption prevalent in politics and bureaucracy would not fully disappear; at least it would boil down to a tolerable level. At the top of all this, all the voters of AAP represent that very anger that had emanated from the inequality of economic liberalization based growth model of Manmohan Singh in 1991. Rising inflation acted as the catalyst adding fuel to the fire of people’s anger. <h2>This period has been dedicated to uncontrolled capitalism</h2> Despite all the claims, the truth is that the period has remained devoted to uncontrolled capitalism, during which period, the rich and powerful made infinite wealth. The consequences of this have been that inequality has reached to unprecedented levels. No amount of the subsidy schemes could douse the fire of people’s anger. Anger is simmering against that system, under the scheme of things of

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