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This analysis of ABC, Inc. has been entrusted to our Six Sigma Counseling firm. At A&A Solutions, we specify on training and hiring conflicts within a company’s structure. ABC, Inc. has hired our company to find investigate problems occurring; how they occurred, and to obtain solutions to the problems found. The Operations Manager of ABC, Inc. would also be informed if any of the employees are involved in the cause of the problems.
Background Information of the Problem
The Operations Supervisor Monica Carrolls, has entrusted Carl Robins to recruit and train 15 new hires. Despite Mr. Robins only being at the company for 6 months, he was able to accomplish the first round of his duty. He successfully hired 15 new recruits for Mrs.
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To his surprise and to add to his worries, he found out that the training room had already been booked for the whole month of June.
This concludes the background information of the problem and how it came to snowball into an actual catastrophe. The analysis will investigate the individuals involved in the situation.
Carl Robins Carl Robins is a male and 27 years of age. He graduated from University of Phoenix and completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management. He graduated with honors by accomplishing a 4.0 GPA during his school years. Carl worked at Expeditors International of Washington before he was recruited by ABC, Inc. Carl also enjoys golf on the weekends with fellow co-workers or his clients.
Monica Carrolls Monica Carrolls is female and 45 years of age. She graduated from University of Arizona with a Master of Business Administration. Monica has been employed by ABC, Inc. for the past 10 years and has been the Operations Supervisor for the past 5 years. At one point of her career with the company, she declined a major step-up on the chain of command due to family responsibilities. Mrs. Carrolls is a family oriented individual and in her opinion, her family comes first.
Brian Flood Brian Flood is the Operations Manager. He is Mrs. Carrolls direct boss and in process of the chain of command also Mr. Robins boss. Mr. Flood has been with ABC, Inc. for 8 years and was given the opportunity to be
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