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ABC, Inc. Case Study Analysis Problem At the beginning of April, Carl Robbins was hired at ABC, INC. as a new recruiter. He successfully hired several employees, even though he was fairly new at his job. This was his first recruitment effort that turned out quite well. After this, the Operations Supervisor, Monica Carrolls, tasked Carl to recruit 15 new employees to begin working at ABC in July. So Carl scheduled an orientation to take place for the 15 employees on June 15th. Monica contacted Carl around May 15th to ensure that the process to get the orientation started was underway and Carl assured her that the orientation would be ready in time. Carl started working on the task to set up the orientation around the end of May and…show more content…
Being hired at a big company like ABC, it can be a common misconception by management that the employee knows what he/she is doing and that they may not need training at all. However, that is not always the case as Carl has proved. It is important for the supervisor to help the employee get a feel for his/her job and while they can not do the job for them, they can certainly put them on the right path. It is also important to use proper communication when put in a situation that can compromise the task. With Carl having lack of experience at his job he should have felt comfortable enough to ask for help from his supervisor. By not doing this, he is putting more failure in completing the task than success. It is also a common misconception with supervisors that if the employee does not ask for help, they do not need it. Carl also proved that this is not necessarily true and that supervisors should play an avid part in an employee’s career. Give them the freedom and space to do their job, but make sure they are doing it correctly. It is very important to implement teamwork, especially in a company that is so popular among people and plays an important role to the entertainment industry. Alternatives First off to help remedy the situation that Carl is in, the supervisor should have stepped in to at least advise Carl on what should be done or what needs to be done. This doesn’t necessarily mean that Carl can not perform his job because once again, he is
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