ABC Inc. Hires New Recruiter: Carl Robins

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ABC Inc. Hires new recruiter: Carl Robins Case Study Christopher, Barbary COMM/215 April 5, 2011 Cindy Pedersen ABC Inc. Hires new recruiter: Carl Robins Case Study ABC Inc. Has a nasty problem: figuring out what to do with Carl Robins and his lack of experience to hiring new recruits for his orientation for Monica Carrolls, the Operations Supervisor for ABC. So we decided to help them out by making a few suggestions on how to successful come up with a standard operational procedure on hiring new recruits for ABC. Would a millionaire dollar company such as ABC Inc. trust a new hired recruiter with less than six months to oversee a hiring orientation? We 're going to propose standard operation procedure (SOP)…show more content…
For the time being, Carl needs to have an example of a pre packet made up of what he expects and what should be in the packet. There should be a set standard that should be set and kept. Meanwhile, Mr. Carl Robins needs to go through all the packets that he has on file to make sure that all applicants have the proper documentation and information filled out completely. If the applications are not filled out properly Carl Robins will then need to contact the recruits beforehand to let them know that they have not filled out the application completely, and need to come back down to the station to fill the application out properly. Again, Carl would have a set pile of all the completed packets aside from, the incomplete packets sorting out and counting aside from, how many complete packets he actually have; to determine the true count of recruits he actually have for hire. Generally speaking, since Carl reinter viewed all the incomplete applicants he determined that he was still good with the allotted number he had for the right recruits for the orientation. On the other hand, Carl still had other issues he needs to deal with. Carl’s team still needs to schedule a physical and drug testing for the new recruits. In this situation Carl has to make several phone calls to various drug testing companies. As a consultant I would advise ABC Inc. to set up a legal

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